About Us

Game Ako is a gaming media group created by Vincent Sia and Jofell Gallardo, aimed at revitalizing single-player enthusiasm in the local gaming scene.

Having started as a podcast-only channel in YouTube, the duo has since started bringing in new members. On its pilot episode, they have brought in regular-streamer Jolo Mondonedo to be a recurring member of the podcast. They then started bringing in local gaming enthusiasts as well through JC Montales and Roberto Asino. From there started the first Game Ako Five members.

Since then, the group has expanded more and evolved into a gaming media group, covering gaming events via livestream. Such events were Ragnarok Online’s RagnaFest, Nvidia’s GeForce Day and Cosplay Mania. Moreover, they were able to showcase the group at the first Gamecon in July, 2017. They were also able to be the first Filipino group to have full live coverage of E3 2017.

With this, Game Ako hopes to be the premiere gaming channel and pioneer of more things gaming media here in the Philippines.