Final Fantasy IV (Super Nintendo)

(Reviewed on the Super Nintendo)

Finally finished Final Fantasy 2/4 SNES (1991)!! Below would be my casual thoughts about the game divided into 4 categories (Graphics, Music, Gameplay, Story)

Graphics: The graphics is alright because of the simplicity of the colors used in the game However, you could see the excellent usage of mode 7 in the game such as the airship scene in the beginning and the travel from Earth to the Moon.

Music: Amazing!!! During the time where no voice acting was present in video games, music is what draws your emotions to what is happening in the game. This game used music perfectly to draw the player’s emotions to feel and experience the richness of the story. Emotions such as joy, sadness, determination and humor was used perfectly to show what you should be feeling on a certain scene. Kudos to you Uematsu!

Gameplay: The gameplay is very simple it’s a traditional turn based RPG wherein each of your characters has roles/classes (Paladin, Dragoon, Ninja, Caller, White Mage, Karate, etc.). However, the only drawback for me was you are locked into those classes and there is not option for change which is minor for me. Another drawback for me is character development in terms of strengthening him because the game makes you waste a little bit of your effort in making your character strong (I’ll just leave it at that because of spoilers).

Story: The story is a balance between light and dark because there are some scenes wherein there is humor and sorrow. Some people call this the merciless Final Fantasy due to some parts of the story but in the end everything will turn out good. Also, if you’re type who likes a lot of plot twists then this is the game that you should play.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable game for me despite of its minor flaws. I recommend this game to JRPG lovers who would like to experience SNES RPGs and playing early Final Fantasy games.

Score: 4 out of 5

Total playtime: 23 hours


To see more of my almost 1-year old first-two-hour video of Final Fantasy 4, check out my YouTube video below:

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