The Lost Vikings (Super Nintendo)

After so much rage and frustration I have finally finished The Lost Vikings for the SNES (1994)!! Below would be my casual thoughts about the game divided into 4 categories (Graphics, Music, Gameplay, Story)

GRAPHICS: The graphics of the game simply looks amazing due to its cartoon character and level design which aged well that it still looks presentable even up to today’s standards. In my opinion, Silicon and Synapse or Blizzard has this unique talent to make games look amazing even after many years. They really made good use of the system’s hardware to fully create five wonderful, challenging and unforgettable levels that will be etched into the minds of the one who played the game.

MUSIC: The game’s music is good because it has a combination of slow and upbeat sounds to keep the gamer entertained as he is being punished by the game’s difficulty. However, though the music is good but what bothered me is that some of the levels’ music was recycled from the other levels which in effect, made it incompatible.

GAMEPLAY: The Lost Vikings’ strength is actually its gameplay because of its uniqueness to other platformers. First of all, you get to control three vikings and each of them has his own strengths. Such as Erik the Swift who is very mobile because he can run, jump and bash through walls to create paths for the other two vikings to gain access to. Second would be Baleog the Fierce who can kill enemies using his sword and his bow if the enemy is from a distance and to hit hard to reach switches. Lastly, is Olaf the Stout who can use his shield to block projectiles, to glide to avoid danger and a stepping stone for the others to reach higher ground. With these abilities of the Vikings, you as the player must let all three of them reach the exit. If one Viking dies you have to repeat the level again which is the challenging component of the game.

STORY: The story of the game is that the three vikings got abducted by Tomator, the emperor of the croutonian empire, to be used for an intergalactic zoo and in the process get lost in time. It’s a very straightforward story that really does not matter because you just want to finish a level and move on.

Overall, The Lost Vikings is a game that is frustratingly addictive that will make you hate yourself for being careless and love yourself in the end because finishing a level is very SATISFYING. I recommend these to players who are looking for a game that is highly replayable and very challenging at the same time.

Score: 3.5/5

Total Playtime: 15 hours estimated (I’m bad at platformer games)
“I will never forget the passwords’ FNTM and MSTR for the rest of my life”


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