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[Reviewed on the Playstation 4]

Uncharted has become a household name for every PlayStation gamer since its first outing in 2007. We had thought the series ended with the conclusion of Nathan Drake’s journey ( or did it? ) with the 4th release. That is, until Naughty Dog announced a spin-off with two of their beloved sub characters, Chloe Sullivan and Nadine Ross. The series’ femme fatales were off on their very own adventure.

Cliff-hanging Moments

In typical Uncharted fashion, the story revolves around finding a long-lost treasure and, as always with the Uncharted formula, the drama and adventure soon follow. As Chloe and Nadine travel through the majestic India and find the lost tusk of Ganesh, the two ladies also go on a journey of self-realization, friendship, and the true sense of adventure.

The game handles character development and storytelling well. We’re also treated to a free Hindu Mythology lesson as the characters expound on the myths and legends surrounding the temples and the treasure. As expected, the dialogues and banters were quite fun to listen to especially when the protagonists discuss Nathan Drake. Backstories were also elaborated, allowing us to get to know more about Chloe and Nadine.

Trickled with Treasures

Since this is a spin-off, it is expected to be in the same pattern as Uncharted 4.  I had the same experience of awe and delight that I had with its predecessors. I often found myself taking screenshots and staring at the scenery in awe.

The action sequences were fantastic as always and get the adrenaline up as I made my escape from enemies. Lost Legacy retains the controls of the previous games making it easy to control the characters as I navigated through the temples of Hoysala.

The graphics were also well created and beautifully crafted down to the smallest details.

A special feature worth mentioning is Photo Mode. It was a feature that I highly enjoyed. It was huge fun taking photos and sharing them on social media. The Facial Expressions made me laugh so hard!

Lost and Found

However, just like in every game there’s always something to improve on. While Chloe was a joy to watch, Nadine’s partnership with Chloe felt more like a Sonic/Tails relationship rather than a Sonic/Knuckles partnership. The story’s good not because of the main plot itself but because of the accompanying backstories.

The music is also underwhelming. It’s a shame because a great score could have really complemented the beautiful environments.

Lastly, and though point is a bit shallow, I wanted to see a more feminine Chloe.

On a side note, I remember when I finished Uncharted 4, I felt fulfilled yet also empty inside. This is a sign that a game really got me. I definitely wanted more. And now here comes Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to quell that need!


All in all, Lost Legacy was a great game to spend time on. A travel-inside-a-game kind of adventure that sparked the hope of many fans around the world that Uncharted wasn’t over yet. We might be seeing a new adventure again from one of these ladies, or, being  how unpredictable Naughty Dog has always been, it could be a sign of things to come for a different character. One thing’s for sure, Uncharted lives on!




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