Review: RAKK Yano RGB Gaming Mouse

RAKK Yano RGB Mouse

The mouse is one of the most important gears in gaming. FPS Gamers like me are very particular when it comes to choosing what mouse will we get. The quality of the mouse has a great effect on our gameplay. Today, we’re going to be tackling RAKK Yano, the RGB Mouse everyone has been talking about.




While most pricey gaming mice have really significant packaging, RAKK Yano comes in a small discreet box that you might actually just overlook. In terms of design, I just think it’s too simple. I just wish they made it look catchy and neat, but I like how they put every important detail without looking too cluttered.

RAKK Yano is an RGB Gaming Mouse that goes by a price of about ₱1195. Of course, as someone as stingy as me, I wouldn’t want to spend my money immediately just ’cause it’s a “gaming mouse.” I’d want to find out more, so I’m going to go over an in-depth review for you.

As it says in the packaging, the Tech Specs are as follows:

Omron switch rated for 10M clicks, PIXART 3360 optical sensor, Up to 120000 DPI, 50g Acceleration, 1GHz Ultrapolling, 12000fps Frame Rate, On-The-Fly Sensitivity Adjustment, Ergonomic Design, RGB lighting with true 16.8M Customizable Color Options, 6 Programmable Buttons with tilt-click scroll wheel, 6ft lightweight braided fibre cable

Inside the packaging, we have our product, the RAKK Yano RGB Gaming Mouse that is inside the foam cover, a velcro tied, and a USB Cover.



RAKK Yano weighs 85g and has an ergonomic ambidextrous design, and is most suitable for palm and claw grip. I’m a fingertip grip gamer, but it still fits my hand perfectly and comfortably.

The matte material used here feels as good as those higher priced products; smooth, seamless, and aesthetic.

RAKK Yano came in with a 6ft long braided cable. It helps keep it’s durability at best, but we all know that braided cables get annoying as it’s a little heavier compared to ordinary cables and a bit hard to straighten once you’ve kept it tied up in a long time.

Having 5 interchangeable DPI, you can utilize the sensitivity of the mouse to adapt to your favourable resolution. The dpi ranges from 100 to 12000. I personally use 800dpi, as it is the most optimal for me whenever I play CS: GO and other FPS games, and lower it on my accord when I am playing First Person story modes like Outlast. The story changes when you download its tuner software (we’ll talk about this later).

RAKK Yano also has 6 programmable buttons: we have the default left and right button, the scroll button (mouse 3), the DPI BUTTON just below the scroll, and two buttons on the left side. By default, these two side buttons are set to Next and Back. I use the buttons on the left side for the in-game or VOIP push-to-talk. The DPI button is linear, as you can only switch from 400 to 12000, and back to 400. The buttons aren’t hard to press unlike other ordinary mice—you don’t need to exert much effort as it’s very responsive as well.

Aluminum mouse feet… Why? They’re pretty undesirable, especially with hard surfaces. You know… Friction.



You can tweak your RAKK Yano to its fullest potential here.

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1 thought on “Review: RAKK Yano RGB Gaming Mouse


    (November 24, 2017 - 4:15 pm)

    Yeah, I agree. the aluminum mouse feet are a no-no talaga. Nagagasgasan lang and it’s very unnecessary imo. But it’s really an amazing RGB mouse, and it gives you a feel na parang gumagamit ka ng professional gaming mouse haha.

    I wouldn’t say it’s like other expensive brand substitute, kasi obviously it has its own unique qualities at a very rational price.
    Thumbs up for this review. Good job, Jelly!

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