Battlefront II Now Has Lowest User Rating Ever

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II has just received Metacritic’s lowest user rating ever in its history. With more than three thousand reviews, users seem to have had enough of EA’s schemes. The number of ratings used to be more than 20,000, but Metacritic seemed to have cleaned these up already. Such actions prevent possible review bombing by users. However, even with the cleaned up reviews, the game unfortunately sits at a measely 0.8 out of 10 rating.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets Lowest User Rating Ever

To put things in context, Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, released this year, has a Metacritic user rating of 6.6. This may not clearly indicate the quality of the games. The movement is a display of how fans are outraged by the lootbox system imposed into the game’s progression.

What Fans Have Said Upfront

Most of the fans find the microtransactions manipulative, with one user reviewer saying:

This game is the epitome of years of corporate greed, customer exploitation, and worst of all, taking advantage of people’s love for things.

Zero Rating of Battlefront 2 from Metacritic

Another review lamented that Battlefront 2 looks and feels like a great game, quoting:

Somewhere here is a good game, but it is buried underneath one of the most predatory and awful microtransaction systems that we have seen in gaming. As a community we really need to speak all out again this and make all the publishers aware that we will not tolerate these systems in our games.

Battlefront 2 zero rating in metacritic

As such, games media has also spoken up about how the microtransactions scheme muddy the greatness of Battlefront II. No wonder, the community has spoken so loud CNN has even covered the controversy. The controversy has prompted EA to make drastic moves.

In the Controversy Frontlines

Earlier this week, controversies started flying about Star Wars Battlefront II’s Pay-2-Win scheme through EA Access subscribers. There was also a Reddit post that has EA’s response being the most downvoted comment ever in the website. EA has continuously attempted to fix the problems by reducing credit costs for heroes to lessen the grind.

Two governments have recently took to investigation about the game’s gambling tendencies. The Belgian government came in first saying the lootbox systems of Battlefront II and Overwatch should be considered gambling. The Dutch Gambling Authority, on the other hand, says that any games of chance are subject to licencing fees or banning.

Concerns arose when lootbox schemes became mainstream this year. Minors being aware of gambling habits is a major concern. Exposing gambling at such a young age could lead to “normalizing” gambling habits and could be potentially harmful growing up.

They have also, just today, put purchasing of crystals with real money offline temporarily in attempts to appease fans of the franchise.

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