Review: South Park: The Fractured But Whole

After numerous delays and countless rants from the fans, South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been released!

Game Ako Review - South Park: The Fractured But Whole


With the game’s premise evolved around the current trend of superhero buildups and having their spin-offs and backstories. These band of kids never let themselves be behind with their craziest and wildest innocent inagination. From the Telepathic-professor X type to the Wolverine-Claws weapon hero, these little misfits of South Park are a fun to watch, espcially on what they “played” before, the Lord-of-the-rings-slash-gane-of-thrones type.

And that’s just a bit of what’s in store for us.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Gameplay

Fractured curiosity

I never heard of a South Park game, until the E3 announcement last 2012. Although I’ve seen several of its episodes and the movie, I never expected a game would be released, thus Stick of Truth. So a game like this would be a bit hard to please me, so I waited until a gameplay has been showcased, and I instantly got interested. Both games, actually.

With the Fractured But Whole, a sequel that shoves off its predecessor’s theme with just a new one in that instant, genius? Yes, they’re kids and they easily change their minds. From induging themselves with the current trend back then ( LOTR, Harry Potter, Game of thrones ), as we have to admit, we’ve all been there until the movies started the comics-movie trend, from spin-offs to spin-offs until the penultimate end of a phase. Of course, kids would dive in, and these children of South Park are no exception to its unavoidable force.

Set in the story of a missing cat to a whole lotta sidequests. Your character obviously still is the new kid that moved up the ranks from the previous premise until Cartman decided to change things up. a neophyte moving up the ranks again and discovering their “mutant” powers. As the game progresses, new characters unfold with their alter-ego superhero that adds edge to the story itself.

Everyone loves a superhero movie, and I must say this can be at par with those. Yep.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Easter Egg Assassin's Creed

There’s more after Stick of Truth

The overall look of the game has been loyal to its roots. This time, no need to press a button to run as it has a constant balance speed to walk around the city and do some quests which is super fun to do as not only that we get to explore the town, but the bickerings and dialogues are hilarious that I just found myself laughing. Although it has been tones down a bit from Stick Of Truth, it never missed its verbal trademark which made South Park popular.

One thing that also captured my interest in this one hell of a game is the battle system. A tactics game has only been present on a few games, South Park adapted and it was great! From the concept of creating and casting the skills to its enemies that somehow patterned to what we used to seeing in a typical RPG / Fighting games. The animation of the skills and ultimates were outrageously funny with a kick-ass style motion sequence that everyone would enjoy. Think of it as Final Fantasy Tactics with a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 skills animation. There. Quite good, right?

Also, a big improvement that they added here is the customization. From hair to beard, to the colors and such. It’s always such a joy creating your own superhero with powers to unlock and choose from. From controlling the elements by being an Elementalist, telepathic prowess with the Psychic class or the stealthy kid Assassin. Mix and match those skills that you chose and you got yourself a hero of your own. Nice!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Game Mechanics

The Catch

Although the “Stick of Truth” can have that large money with a few grindings and battles, it’s different this time as mostly, almost all raw items can be obtained through loots and fight rewards that can be crafted into accessories and healing items. Crafty? Better.

Moreover, the game has a lot to improve. As much as it is intended to be as good as the first one, toning down the language may not be a good idea after all. The control mechanics were a bit off that I found myself pressing up and using the analog, mistakenly revived myself rather than the fallen of character of my party. It maybe a big repetetive to some aspects of the game due to grinding and getting the items and for first timers, it may be a good idea to refresh of what the game was. Although every purchase comes with its predecessor ( which i also tried and it was one hell of a game as well ) it would also be nice to have a little refresher. Don’t you think?

South Par: The Fractured But Whole Overworld

You may ask my favorite part? I won’t spoil much but the backstory of the main protagonist would be it. ( prepare for the incoming emotional statements ) but being a kid in front of such parents was very alarming. The thought of the kid experiencing being “alone” at his own house made me like the game even more. Yeah. Okay, I’ll stop. Rofl.

Back to the Fun Part

All in all. It was a game to behold. I just found myself indulged in the adventures of these lovable yet fiestiest kids ever created for TV with a mixture of tactical RPG gaming. A whole package indeed for some hard hitting fun with side bad-ass humor that is worth every dime.

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