Need For Speed Payback Backpedals After BF2 Issues

One of EA’s games, Need for Speed Payback, has recently announced progression updates today. Based from a Reddit post from Ghost Games, Need for Speed Payback will cut down on progression requirements. Updates included in the patch are:

  • Increased the amount of REP awarded by taking part in events.
  • Increased the amount of Bank awarded by taking part in events.
  • Bait crates now reward increased REP.
  • Bait crates now reward increased Bank.
  • Competing against a Roaming Racer will reward you with increased REP.
  • Competing against a Roaming Racer will reward you with increased Bank.
  • Air Suspension will now appear more frequently within Shipments.
  • Slightly increased REP and Bank for finishing an event outside of first place.

Upcoming patches will also resolve the way how tune-up shops work. These, also, will involve quality / levels of parts that can be availed in these shops.

Need for Speed Tune Up Shops

Restart Your Engines

Ghost Games advises a restart of your game to further effect the patch. Changes may not manifest unless players start with a new game. Previous updates of the game have also fixed tune-up shops parts availability cycles. Availability cycles now come from 30 minutes down to 10 minutes. Previous updates also include increased rates of parts rewards within Ranked Speedlists.

Crash and Burn

Many speculate that EA is backpedalling from their aggressive microtransaction schemes because of the recent backlash from one of EA’s marquee properties, Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA has been under a lot of scrutiny because of their recent outings, from FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, Need for Speed Payback, and now, Battlefront 2. They have also been scrutinized for closing down Visceral Studios, and buying Respawn Entertainment.

Need for Speed Payback veers away from its online-only predecessor, but still criticized due to its grindy progression, encouraging players to buy more speed cards in order to gain more tokens. Lootboxes are also present in the game in the form on tune-up shops. Tune-up shops require players to gather parts using a game of chance after participating in Ranked Speedlists.

Need for Speed Payback Lootbox Progression System

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    […] The declaration serves as a prompt response to last weeks lootbox and pay-to-win debacle caused by Battlefront 2’s launch. Since then, three governments – Belgium, Netherlands, and France – started investigations on classification of lootbox mechanics as a form of gambling. As response, EA backpedaled to reducing hero costs, and altogether dropping purchases of in-game currency. Furthermore, the recent outing of Need for Speed Payback managed to sneak in a couple of progression changes. […]

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