Rare Bloodborne Enemy Finally Found After 3 Years

A rare Bloodborne enemy has just surfaced almost 3 years after the game’s launch. Rarely that we hear these days about unlocking hidden content in AAA games. And yet a gamer by the name of Moros Nyx discovered this hidden gem in the 2015 GOTY contender, as reported by Destructoid.

Called the Flaming Undead Giant, this enemy lurks in the vastness of a Chalice Dungeon. The Chalice Dungeons serve as additional content to the already-packed game of Bloodborne. In here, gamers traverse procedurally generated dungeons, as compared to the handcrafted levels of the main game. Much like how Diablo, Spelunky or Rogue behave, Chalice Dungeons present challenging foes around on randomized landscapes.

Full Circle

The game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, presented The Flaming Undead Giant in Sony’s Playstation Experience 2014. But since then, no accounts or recordings surfaced documenting the creature.

The discovery of the creature serves as a celebration of the greatness of the game. This also proves that Bloodborne has still yet to unravel its content, even after three years of fan playthroughs.

With the random nature of the dungeons, players find oddities that sometimes players dismiss as normal. Moros Nyx adds:

I never claimed I was the first to find the flaming blade giant. In fact, much stranger things have probably been found, but never reported because of the great amount of know-how of the dungeons required to understand what is and what isn’t rare! Many hunters may see something odd and then just dismissed it because they though it is normal.

So this post is a call for everyone who has seen or in the future sees something strange to report it in /r/tombprospectors, or in the /r/bloodborne Discord’s “tomb prospectors” channel! Don’t keep quiet about it! Worst case scenario it’s nothing special, but the Tomb Prospector community will be thankful for you sharing it regardless!

Oddities in an Ocean of Content

The mere existence of the Flaming Undead Giant lurking in a regular area of the Chalice Dungeon shows the game’s peculiarities. Usually found in boss arenas, Undead Giants tend to wait for their challengers in dedicated rooms. From the video, “hunters” (the gamer’s avatar) can fight this fire-wielding creature in bigger spaces, alongside regular enemies. This rare Bloodborne enemy seems to be a challenge and itself. But with equally-as-challenging foes lurking around, players are surely in for a treat.

Players can access the dungeon through the following glyph: pa6ssc6u. He also invites fans to join the hunt alongside current dungeon spelunkers through this Reddit thread.


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