To The Moon Sequel Launches in December

Critically-acclaimed indie game To The Moon will get its sequel, Finding Paradise, on December 14, 2017. The original game, developed by Freebird Games released an accompanying trailer to satisfy the story-craving fans of the first game.

Check out the trailer below.

Back to the Moon

Based on the trailer, the sequel promises to give fans more bad jokes, quirky antics, and “more lootboxes” packed in! And of course, fans expect the sequel to have a rollercoaster-ride-ful of narrative. By the end of the trailer, the trailer reminded fans of its very moving soundtrack, teasing more to come.

Finding Paradise Shows More Action

Also interesting to note, the end of the trailer shows a story tease about To The Moon characters Eva and Neil having a moment.

Finding Paradise Story Tease

The trailer also shows a tease of a timeline just like the one from the first game. It’s not clear who the patient will be, but fans are speculating that this, in fact could be Dr. Neil Watts.

What’s with Watts? (Spoilers Ahead for To The Moon)

A very much endeared character, Dr. Watts is the player’s avatar, questioning the ethics of the experiment they’re doing with people’s memories. He became the instrument to rearranging and surfacing forgotten memories, and also involved himself in crafting artificial ones for their patients.

By the end of the game, Dr. Watts seemingly pops up a pill and takes in a medicine, hinting that he himself could be inside a manufactured memory.

Stay tuned at the Game Ako Facebook page for the launch livestream of Finding Paradise on December 14, 2017.

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