Celeste Review By Vince

We did it! We have finally reached the summit of Mt. Celeste and I could not have done it without you guys!

Celeste, is a game that is frustrating, fulfilling and heartwarming at the same time due to its intense platforming levels and its soulful message to the player.

The game’s mechanics are very simple you climb, jump and dash over the obstacles in every level. However, what makes it hard is how the levels were designed which involves a lot of trial and error and patience from the player. The controls of the game is pretty tight wherein you are able to maneuver around the level whether you’re on the ground or even on the air. This means that if you die in that certain part of the level it’s actually your fault and not the game. It’s normal for everyone to reach a thousand deaths in order for you to reach the peak of the mountain which means you just have to keep on trying until you reach your goal.

The story of the game and the lesson it tells us is amazing in a way that it shows us that we tend to overthink our goals in life. There are probably moments in our lives that we want to achieve something but what is holding us back are our doubts and anxieties over it. The mountain represents Madeline’s goal in reaching the top and going out of her comfort zone while the obstacles in it are her doubts and anxieties which makes the peak harder to reach. As you progress through the levels you will then know more about her struggles and how she will fight through it and be a better “Madeline” for her climb.

Overall, Celeste is a game in which its game mechanics isn’t the driving force to why a person should play it but what is beyond it.#ForTheLoveOfGaming

Game Time: 10 hours and 42 minutes
Score: 10/10

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