Ragnarok Online is here!

If you’ve played the hit MMORPG Ragnarok during its release in the early 2000s, then we are sure that you are currently playing its brand new release for mobile, Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Through this new release of the loved classic, we are again able to run around the wonderful city of Prontera and sit among our guildmates looking for a dungeon to explore or join a raiding party.
With its release came a festival that we RO-fanatics have been waiting for, The RAGNAFEST 2018!

Last November 24, Game Ako had the pleasure to join the number of RO players and experience Ragnarok like never before. Players experienced a day of fun and excitement as the SM NORTH EDSA SKYDOME was filled with games, prizes and friendly competition as the Ragnarok Philippine Championships held their Finals here. To top everything off, festival goers were welcomed by their favorite cosplayers dressedas their favorite characters. It truly was like a day in Prontera.

Tun Santianuchit (Electronics Extreme) has this to say about the event: “Ragnafest 2018 is the biggest event we’ve had in the Philippines so far. We think that such dedicated players deserve a fun event like this! We’re all looking forward to bigger things to come in the years ahead, especially since Electronics Extreme is coming to the Philippines,”

Here are some pictures that the Game Ako Gang took during the event:

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