Hawaii Acknowledges Gambling Nature of Lootboxes

Hawaii Pushes Legislation Against Lootboxes

Rep. Chris Lee of Hawaii declared his intention for pushing legislation against predatory practices in online gaming. This is in light of recent Star Wars Batllefront 2 controversies. In a press conference recently held, he also mentioned that such practice is “… a trap”. Below is the transcript of Lee’s press conference: We are here […]

Belgium Declares Lootboxes as Gambling

Belgium Declares Lootboxes as Gambling

In a report by VTM News, as translated via PC Gamer, the Belgian Gaming Commission declares existence of lootboxes as gambling. In a rough translation, Minister of Justice Koen Geens iterates that “The mixing of money and addiction is gambling”. He further adds: “Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for […]

EA Fired PopCap Dev for Opposing Pay-to-Win

EA Fired PopCap Dev Opposing Pay-to-Win

IGN reports EA fired PopCap developer George Fan, known for his Plants vs. Zombies franchise, allegedly, for standing up against pay-to-win. As told by Edmund McMillen on Alex Larrabee’s Roundtable Podcast, Fan joined by PopCap, and worked with a small team to develop PvZ. For its sequel, EA proposed a pay-to-win model through in-app purchasing, from which […]