Monster Hunter World is Capcom's Most Sold Game Ever

Monster Hunter World Is Capcom’s Biggest-Selling Game

Monster Hunter World is officially Capcom’s biggest-selling game ever. It overcame “both linguistic and cultural barriers to delight approximately 7 million players worldwide. Since launch, the game “has shipped 7.5 million units, making it the best-selling title in company history”. In context, Resident Evil 5, the company’s biggest-selling game before Monster Hunter World, has shipped […]

Hawaii Acknowledges Gambling Nature of Lootboxes

Hawaii Pushes Legislation Against Lootboxes

Rep. Chris Lee of Hawaii declared his intention for pushing legislation against predatory practices in online gaming. This is in light of recent Star Wars Batllefront 2 controversies. In a press conference recently held, he also mentioned that such practice is “… a trap”. Below is the transcript of Lee’s press conference: We are here […]