Celeste Review By Vince

We did it! We have finally reached the summit of Mt. Celeste and I could not have done it without you guys! Celeste, is a game that is frustrating, fulfilling and heartwarming at the same time due to its intense platforming levels and its soulful message to the player. The game’s mechanics are very simple […]

Review: South Park: The Fractured But Whole

After numerous delays and countless rants from the fans, South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been released!   With the game’s premise evolved around the current trend of superhero buildups and having their spin-offs and backstories. These band of kids never let themselves be behind with their craziest and wildest innocent inagination. From the […]

Review: Uncharted: Lost Legacy

[Reviewed on the Playstation 4] Uncharted has become a household name for every PlayStation gamer since its first outing in 2007. We had thought the series ended with the conclusion of Nathan Drake’s journey ( or did it? ) with the 4th release. That is, until Naughty Dog announced a spin-off with two of their […]