Review: Super Mario Odyssey

[Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch] This year we’ve had a lot of huge releases, from returning franchises like Metroid and Sonic, to the just-recently-released IP’s like Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh. Just when you thought that the year’s initial releases couldn’t possibly be equalled by its Q4 counterparts,  Mario comes in to prove us wrong. […]

Wanpaku Graffiti (1989) Nintendo Family Computer

Just finished Wanpaku Graffiti “Splatterhouse: Naughty Graffiti” (1989) for the Famicom. Below again would be my thoughts about the game divided into 4 categories (Graphics, Music, Story, Gameplay). Graphics: Considering that it was from 1989, the graphics of the game is really good. The environment shows a mixture of color to make it charming and […]

The Lost Vikings (Super Nintendo)

After so much rage and frustration I have finally finished The Lost Vikings for the SNES (1994)!! Below would be my casual thoughts about the game divided into 4 categories (Graphics, Music, Gameplay, Story) GRAPHICS: The graphics of the game simply looks amazing due to its cartoon character and level design which aged well that […]